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Deja, Pleading Eyes




Arri, MysteryMatt

Alone takes place in the Detention Center as Phoenix and Maya go to ask Edgeworth if he will let them defend him. Of course, Edgeworth isn't too fond of the idea and argues against it for the entirety of the song. Phoenix gets fed up by Edgeworth's doom-and-gloom attitude and gives up at the end of the song, deciding to seek the truth through other means. 

Reprises: Decree of the Prosecutor


Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Maya Fey


EDGEWORTH: [spoken]
I hoped you wouldn’t come...

Go on, tell me. What is it you have to say?


PHOENIX: You first—what happened?
What happened the other day?
We heard about it
In all the wrong places—
Edgeworth, please tell us, 
We won’t let you face this


EDGEWORTH: [spoken, scoffs] Alone? 


PHOENIX: Edgeworth, let me defend you. 


Guilty of being a cowardly man,
that is the luck of this prosecutor.
I must have had some small flaw in my guard;
I guess this is where I fall apart.


PHOENIX: [spoken]
I won’t let that happen!


MAYA: Mr. Edgeworth, Nick wants to help you.


EDGEWORTH: I suppose I should be sorry
To all those who’ve opposed me
Every attorney, every last client was guilty
thanks to me!

EDGEWORTH: You're wrong--
All along--
All that I've said--
All that I've done--
I've only won!

PHOENIX: Edgeworth, this is no time to be uptight.

MAYA: Mr. Edgeworth, you know this isn’t right. 

PHOENIX: We all know you're innocent! 

MAYA: It's some kind of accident! 

PHOENIX: You're innocent! 


Not on my behalf,
Go ahead and laugh,
You'd go down with me,
I don't deserve to be free
There's nothing to know--
I find my hands red once more
There's nothing to show,
Nothing to say,
There's nothing, just...
Leave it alone!


Edgeworth, please say
You’ll let us stay
Help us clear up the unknown
There’s no need to fear
As long as we’re here
You don’t have to be alone


I can make this right
Just trust this invite
Stand with us and fight
Let us save you from this plight
You still can atone
No need for despair
We’ll win this, I swear
Just tell us the truth
Tell us the truth,
Please tell us the truth and...
The truth alone...


Please trust 
In us
Everything will be all right
Please trust 
In us
Everything will be all right
Everything will be all right


Let us
Trust us
Everything will be all right.
I've known
And it was Nick 
Who helped me fight.
We'll make it right,
We'll make it right,
We'll make it right, 'cause...
You're not alone...

EDGEWORTH: [spoken] Please!
Just leave me alone, all right?


MAYA: Nick, wait! 


PHOENIX: Come on, Maya. We need answers.
We’re not going to get them here.

EDGEWORTH: [Spoken] And you—

Convince me, go on, Wright, tell me of my innocence!
Don’t be so damn trite, you know I'm deep into this.
There’s more on the line, no honest way out,
No more time for you to learn what law's about!


PHOENIX: [spoken]
I’ve won every case!

EDGEWORTH: All three? What an ace! 
Like it or not, you’re an amateur. You’ve got to lose sometime. I’d rather it wasn’t on my account.


MAYA: Mr. Edgeworth, Nick won those trials because his clients were innocent! If you didn’t do it, then what’s the problem?


PHOENIX: Edgeworth… you didn’t do it… Did you?


One lingering thought fills my mind, burdening me with anxiety…    

MAYA: ...Mr. Edgeworth...

EDGEWORTH: I've fallen so far behind in human propriety... 


PHOENIX: [spoken] Edgeworth! I'm asking if you did it!


Crime deserves penance,
And I’ve done all I could
Why bother helping me?!
This serves the greater good…


MAYA: [spoken] No... 


EDGEWORTH: Think what you will.


PHOENIX: I won't believe it!

Don't ask me to leave,
While you wallow in fear,
Can't you believe?
Don't stand alone,
We're here...


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