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April May's Testimony is the first real testimony song in the musical. This song portrays Phoenix's first struggle with a witness who has some sort of special characteristic or advantage. In the case of April May, she uses her looks and feminine wiles to capture the heart of every man in the courtroom save Phoenix, who is only interested in proving his client's innocence, and Edgeworth, who is only interested in getting a guilty verdict.


April May, Miles Edgeworth, The Judge, Crowd


We call to the stand April May. 


APRIL MAY: [sung]
April May here, at your service!
Mr. Lawyer, you seem nervous -
Gee, I hope I haven't made you lose your cool!
Oh, I've got this fuzzy feeling
What I say will be revealing!
But they might need time to mop up all the drool.

I was staying for a spell,
At the Gatewater Hotel,
'Cause they have bestest bellboys over there.
It was nine or nine-oh-one,
When I saw the murder done -
And the girl who did the deed is sitting right there in that chair!

It was awful! It was brutal!
And I screamed, but it was futile,
And that's why I had to watch in horror instead -
As the victim, in her fright,
Tried to dodge off to the right -
So the hippie lady took the clock and hit her right on the head!

When she clocked her with the clock,
I was overcome with shock,
But I called the cops, 'cause these things make me squirm.
It's so hot here... can I stop
To loosen up my top?


JUDGE/CROWD: This testimony is very, very firm!

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