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August Day begins with the sweet, childlike chimes of a musicbox, while the protagonist, Phoenix Wright, obliviously sleeps. He wakes suddenly to realize that he is late for his first trial and scrambles to get dressed. He then rushes out the door and towards the court house, passing several characters from the series (not all of whom are in the musical outside of this cameo) on his way.

The song contains subtle foreshadowing, most noticeably in the case of Furio Tigre, who catches sight of our defense attorney Phoenix on his way to the court house.

Reprised by: Beautiful Christmas Day & Tomorrow, At Last


Phoenix Wright, Jack Hammer, Lotta Hart,

Maggey Byrde, Dick Gumshoe, Cody Hackins,

Penny Nichols, Furio Tigre, Mia Fey

PHOENIX: Stand tall and face all your fears,

One by one.

Don't get too rattled,

Your battle has just begun.

All my knowledge up on display,

I'll fight on this bright August Day.



...9:20...9:20!? Man, I thought I only hit snooze once! I'm coming, Chief!


Forty minutes 'til the trial starts

And I'm half an hour away.

I've got the shakes, my body aches, and my hair's in disarray...

But I stayed up all night reading files,

So I know what I'm gonna say!

I'm secure and I'm sure I'll endure on this August Day!

Today's the day!

I'll need to prove I'm the best,

And the world is watching my inaugural test...

But am I truly prepared?

If pressed, I'd confess I'm a bit stressed and scared.

Can I bring justice to light? Can I fight?

I'll try and if I don't cry, then I'll do alright!

I can hope and dream and pray

That I'll win on this August Day!

Fifteen minutes left to go,

I'm runnin' short on time.

My head is spinnin', intent on winnin',

I'm sweatin' like a swine.

I have to help the people here --

I know where I belong!

The unity of the community will stay strong!


JACK HAMMER: See that guy runnin' like he's in some race?


LOTTA HART: Spiky-haired jerk! He almost ran through me!


HAMMER: I think he's part of that big murder case...


LOTTA: Sure looks guilty to me!



Today's the day

My paycheck comes in the mail!



You won't need to borrow bus fare

From the guys in jail.


GUMSHOE: [spoken]

That's right!



Ten minutes left 'til class starts... bleh!


PENNY NICHOLS: So let's battle now for these Samurai cards!


PENNY/CODY: [spoken]

Paper, rock, scissors, GO!

PENNY: Scissors beats paper.

CODY: No! Two outta three, let's try again

And this time there's no way I won't win!

FURIO TIGRE:  "Tender Lender, friend or foe?

Spender mentor for yer dough!"

Another day, another buck,

Another loser outta luck.


GUMSHOE: Maggey...


GUMSHOE: I gotta say there's somethin' on my mind...

MAGGEY: Well, what?

GUMSHOE: Um, I mean, you look nice today...

MAGGEY: Thanks, how kind!

Well on that note, I've got something

That I'D like to confess...


MAGGEY: These new glasses were a present from my boyfriend --

He's the best!


PHOENIX/CROWD: [sung] So will this phoenix take flight...?    

PHOENIX: ...off the ground?

I'll soar with glory,

My story will be renowned!

PHOENIX/CROWD: Now let's get this trial underway!


MIA FEY: [spoken]

Phoenix Wright, you're late!

PHOENIX: My courtroom premiere...

I will persevere...

I'm here on this clear...

PENNY: Last time!

CODY: Yup.

PENNY/CODY: One, two, three, GO!

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