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Battle of Wits is the confrontational testimony song near the end of the third case, in which Phoenix attempts to indict Dee Vasquez as Jack Hammer's true killer. Like all testimony songs, the overall tone of the song caters to the witness, this particular piece being reminiscent of a tango. Note that it is Vasquez herself, rather than Phoenix or the prosecution, who appears to be running the testimony.


Dee Vasquez, Phoenix Wright,

Miles Edgeworth, The Judge


EDGEWORTH: [spoken] 
We call Ms Vasquez to the stand...


VASQUEZ: [sung]
My name is Dee Vasquez
I am a producer
For Global Studios


EDGEWORTH: On the day of the murder
You were in the second studio...


VASQUEZ: Yes, as everyone here knows.
You will find that my alibi is airtight.
We were trapped at the studio, you see.
Mr. Monkey had fallen, and he was not cleared
Until a half an hour after three.

Nobody left the studio
Though we did take one 15 minute break
That was at 2:30, we sat next to the van
Then Sal and I each had a T-bone steak.




VASQUEZ: Don’t bang on your desk. It irritates me.


PHOENIX: Ah...right, well...You say you ate a T-bone steak, but I say you did not! Recall the state of the scene, beside the van where you claim to have had your lunch.

You'd think a T-bone steak 
Would have left a bone there
But your plates at the studio were bare 


VASQUEZ: [spoken]
Very clever, Mr. Wright. But what does that mean? What are you insinuating?


PHOENIX: Insinuating? Well...

Since we know you were not
Eating your lunch with Sal
I submit to the court, that you, Dee Vasquez
Killed Jack Hammer yourself!


EDGEWORTH: [spoken, with desk slam]
Wright! What kind of stunt--!?


VASQUEZ: What did I just say?
Let him claim what he wants...Mr. Wright?

You say I did it? 

Very well.

Let us have a battle of wits!
First please consider
The Samurai Spear
Quite a large weapon, as you see
How could I, a woman of small stature
Use such a thing--?


PHOENIX: [spoken, interrupting] I think you could-- 


VASQUEZ: I am speaking! 

The victim was stabbed through the front
Of his costume, am I not right?
That means he saw me coming
The "Steel Samurai"
How on Earth could I win that fight?


PHOENIX: [spoken] Actually...
I'd like to withdraw my previous claim
You couldn't use the spear as we can see


VASQUEZ: [sung] I told you, I'm not guilty 


PHOENIX: [spoken] I didn't say that, Ms. Dee. 


VASQUEZ: [spoken] What on earth do you mean? 


PHOENIX: [spoken] The murder weapon... wasn't the spear!

Just that morning in rehearsal
The spear had broken clean in two
There was no time for a professional repair
The costume, it could not have pierced through! 


EDGEWORTH: [spoken] Wright, what are you--?



My testimony will be heard.
Mr. Wright, if what you say is true
Then what, pray tell,
What weapon do you think I used?


PHOENIX: [sung]
Take a look at this photo...
The weapon is right here! 


JUDGE: [spoken]
The... fence post? Why... There's a man impaled here! 


PHOENIX: [sung]
Five years ago there was an accident here at the studio
Not a word of it was to be leaked to the outside
What happened there five years ago...
Has happened here again.


VASQUEZ: How interesting...If this is true
Then tell me, how could I have moved
The body back to studio one all the way from studio two
I only had 15 minutes to change him and then move
How could I have done that, Wright?


PHOENIX: It's simple...

And you know that it’s true.

There was no need for you to carry the body
Please! Recall your own testimony!
The studio van was parked off to the side
All you had to do was put the body in and drive!


VASQUEZ: [spoken]
Hm...You're more clever than I thought.

Alright. You win. It was fun.


PHOENIX: I... win?

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