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2006-2013 Turnabout Musical

Phoenix Wright and characters

are © Capcom

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Note: "Turnabout Musical" has many contributors and was put together mostly on internet forums over a period of years. It's a major task in itself keeping an accurate and up-to-date list of credits. These will be updated as more accurate information is compiled. If you are a past contributor not listed here or spot any omissions or other inaccuracies, PLEASE visit our forum topic on this and let us know! We want to credit everyone who's had anything to do with this, and we'd love to hear from you again anyway :)

"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" and its characters, settings, and story are copyright Capcom.

"Turnabout Musical" was produced by "Phoenix Wright Musical Productions," a collaboration of

fans and artists who wished to show their love for the characters and story of "Phoenix Wright:

Ace Attorney." Some songs are copyright Matthew Taranto.

Because of the unique nature of how this production was created, online aliases are also listed in these credits.

Management and Leadership, Past and Present

Project Leaders/Administrators:

Lucia Lobosvilla "Pleading Eyes"

Matthew Taranto "TriforceBun"

Sarah Williams "ff3girl"

Shawni Carter "Shawni"

Sarah Schneider "Arri"

Lizzy Denning "Pooleterson"

Justin Briner "Actorman"

Diana Paparozzi "Diana"

Management Assistants/Moderators:

Joel Williams "Shinkinrui"

Tom Laflin "arimnaes"

Max Bebber "MaxwellsDeamon"

Lee Baumgartel "Leeness"

Marianne Williams "ThePhantomOtaku"

Matt Furda "Plankton614"

Will Garrett "genodragon1"

Songs Written, Composed, and Arranged by

Matthew Taranto "TriforceBun"

Matt Furda "Plankton614"

Sarah Williams "ff3girl"

Sarah Schneider "Arri"

Lucia Lobosvilla "Pleading Eyes"

Diana Paparozzi "Diana"

Shawni Carter "Shawni"

Justin Briner "Actorman"

Lizzy Denning "Pooleterson"

Ben Smith "BigEngland"

Mary Russ "lalalei2001"

Samantha Smith "SharpCookies"



Michiel Van Belle "Pennfalath"

Katie K. "Deja"

Brandon Lee Torres "Donald Serrot"

"Comfortably Numb"


Tom Laflin "arimnaes"

Vocal performers

Matthew Taranto "TriforceBun" as Phoenix Wright

Lucia Lobosvilla "Pleading Eyes" as Maya Fey

Matt Di Carlo "MysteryMatt" as Miles Edgeworth

Sarah Williams "ff3girl" as Mia Fey

Tom Laflin "arimnaes" as Manfred von Karma

Joel Williams "Shinkinrui" as Dick Gumshoe

Chris Zambelis "enigmafade" as Larry Butz

Edie MacKay "ginger rose" as Dee Vasquez

Eric Eilrich "TaladrianFox" as Redd White

Magdalen Cattle "Esabelle Ryngin" as Cody Hackins

Amanda Berger "Lady Vincira" as Lotta Hart

Gabriela Villalobos "PreMature Poet" as Wendy Oldbag

Ben Smith “BigEngland” as The Judge

Sarah Schneider "Arri" as April May

Chris Seward as Sal Manella

Ed Garrett "Barry Allen" as Yanni Yogi

Justin Briner "Actorman" as Marvin Grossberg

Will Garrett "genodragon1" as Winston Payne

Tylor Lilley "TheTylor" as Will Powers

Ben Smith "BigEngland" as Frank Sahwit

Shawni Carter "Shawni" as Penny Nichols

Dalton Broback "Cyberbanjo" as Jack Hammer

Amy Williams "Usei" as Maggey Byrde

Rebecca Walker "ThePinkBadger" as Lana Skye

Mitchell Frey "sir enob mort" as Dustin Prince

A.J.S. "TheBroomstickNinja" as Mike Meekins

Robert Youngers "Johnny" as Furio Tigre

Lizzy Denning "Pooleterson" as Belinda Dubois

Max Bebber "MaxwellsDeamon" as Polly

Lorne Mandelzys "ltm_1988" as Bellboy

Marianne Williams "ThePhantomOtaku" as Young Miles Edgeworth

Max Bebber as Young Phoenix Wright

Lucia Lobosvilla as Young Larry Butz

Ellie Cattle "Robyn Badfellow" as Teacher

as Samurai Dog Kid

Art and Animation Team

Max Bebber "MaxwellsDeamon"

Magdalen Cattle "EsabelleRyngin"

Marianne Williams "ThePhantomOtaku"

Lee Baumgartel "Leeness"

Angelus Tenebrae "Manfred"

Milena Äijälä "Irreal"


Melanie Perry "Nagaoka"


Janet Skrbina "Artemis"

K.G. "Officer 1BDI"

Amy Williams "Usei"

Kyle Weaver "Kucan"



Shawni Carter "Shawni"

Christine Cairoli "Unclekasu"

Special Thanks

Original PWMP founder "Ethed"

Past contributors not listed here, and anyone

who's given praise or encouragement

"Croik" and the rest of the staff at

the fansite http://www.court-records.net

Capcom, Shu Takumi, and the rest of

the staff for "Gyakuten Saiban," also known

as "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney"