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Arri, Shawni

Dawn of a New Trial is the closing song to the musical, and runs over the credits in the animated production. It consists entirely of reprises, save for the first two verses. The song features Phoenix and Maya's heartfelt farewell at the train station before she leaves for Kurain to complete her training, but with a promise to return. The song ends with Phoenix and Maya pointing out at the audience, yelling "Objection!" in true Ace Attorney style.

Reprises: Justice for All, Make it Right,

Decree of the Prosecutor, I’ll Be There, The Objection Song


Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey


PHOENIX: [spoken]
Maya? Maya! Are you still here…? I’ve, uh... I’ve got burgers!
...Well, if that didn’t bring her running, I guess nothing will. Maya… I wish you would have said goodbye to my face. I guess all that’s left now is to fight on...

Finally, the case is done
But soon there’ll be another one
My search for truth has just begun
And yes I know, and yes I know…

There’ll be dangers, there’ll be crime
But I’m not afraid this time
I’ll face the world and I’ll do fine
Because I know, because I know…

I’ll fight for truth, I’ll fight for justice
And I'll fight bravely on until the dawn breaks through
And I'll show no hesitation as I strive for vindication
As each day, my trials begin anew

I'll fight for you, I'll fight for Mia,
I’ll fight for anyone with hopes, and dreams, and life
Though I now fight on without you, I know better than to doubt you
For your sake and mine…


MAYA: You’ll fight...!

You didn’t think I’d up and leave you with just a letter, did you, Nick?


PHOENIX: And if I hadn’t gotten to the station at 6:00 AM?

MAYA: Eh, details, details!


PHOENIX: So, you’re definitely leaving?


MAYA: I’ve thought about it a lot, Nick. It’s… it’s hard being a spirit medium that can’t talk to spirits. And I think you’ll really do fine without me. I mean... It’s not like I did anything useful. Anyway... be good, Nick!



What can I say? You seem to think you’re through
You say you didn’t help me out?

Well I can tell you that’s not true!
You were always there for me, coming to my aid
You even helped free Edgeworth,

through the courage you displayed
I won’t let you say you’re useless, that you didn’t help me fight
You saved our cases, Maya – you helped me make it right


MAYA: [spoken]
But Nick… I didn’t do anything. I couldn’t do anything.


PHOENIX: The bullet, Maya. von Karma thought he’d gotten away with everything – he would’ve gotten away with everything, if you hadn’t grabbed that bullet. This single piece of evidence put an end to him, Maya, and you were the one who gave it to me.

MAYA: Nick...


PHOENIX: Thank you, Maya. I couldn’t have done it without you.


MAYA: …I’ll be back soon.




MAYA: I’m going to complete my training. I want to be able to stand on my own. I'm going to become a full-fledged spirit medium, and when I come back…


PHOENIX: We’ll get back to work.

Frankly some may doubt cases we have won…

MAYA: But we will still fulfill this decree:



That we’ll do what must be done to get justice for everyone
For this is the life that we lead!
We have gone above and beyond at times…
Justice requires the extra mile!

PHOENIX: I know this is not the end, the true test will now begin


MAYA: And we'll meet it all... 


PHOENIX/MAYA: ...with a smile. 


MAYA: And I'll be there, though the road is long
I'll be there, even when I'm gone
And I won't forget you...


PHOENIX: You'll be in my heart...


PHOENIX/MAYA: And for you I will stay strong!


MAYA: Through thick and thin, we'll shine the light


PHOENIX/MAYA: We'll fight for what's right, that I swear


PHOENIX: Okay, you win, just come back soon


MAYA: I knew that you would sing that tune


PHOENIX/MAYA: We'll hold our ground from night 'till noon
And for you, I will...


  [The hoot of a train letting off steam is heard in the background.]


MAYA: [spoken]
Well, I guess I’d better get going.


PHOENIX: Wait a minute, Maya. I think we have time for one more. Don’t you?


MAYA: I guess so. But we’d better make it quick!



Wherever there’s a case to try
We’ll be there on the trail (We’ll be there on the trail)
We’ll keep on searching for the truth
And I don’t intend to fail (We will not fail)
There’s no place I will not go
There’s nothing I won’t do (I’ll be with you)
We’ll stand together, side by side


PHOENIX/MAYA: And we'll see it through!

And when a witness is clearly lying
To throw us off our case
We’ll find a contradiction
To rub in their smug face
And after we have made
Our careful selection
We’ll present evidence as our aid
And yell, yell, yell, yell, yell… 

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