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Decree of the Prosecutor is the closing song to Act II, and is the first and only song in the musical not told from Phoenix's perspective. Instead, the song follows Edgeworth directly after his second loss to Phoenix. Here, Edgeworth reflects on his own methods as a prosecutor and his true intentions are revealed. As Edgeworth vaguely references some event in his past, he grows pensive and vulnerable. This new side to Edgeworth doesn't last long, however, as he quickly channels his grief into anger toward Phoenix, swearing his revenge.

Reprises: Make it Right, Justice for All

Reprised By: Dawn of a New Trial


Miles Edgeworth


What can I say? All the signs point to the truth.
My perfect guilty record--forever tainted, thanks to you.
This court is meant to stop the ones who bring darkness to the light.
It's natural--no miracle--for this court to make it...

Wright, you listen to me These lingering doubts you've burdened me with serve no useful purpose. Don't ever show your face to me again. That's what I came here to say.

Guilty of blaming an innocent man... is that the curse of the prosecutor?
Before I faced him, I won every case, but now I have been shamed and disgraced.
Vasquez was framing an innocent man. I took the bait; hook, line, sinker.
I was relentless in playing my cards, when and where did it all fall apart?

After Wright sauntered in with that grin on his face,
though he bluffed the whole time, somehow he won the case!
And it pains me how one man so new to the law
can incense me so much that it breaks my resolve...
But I know... yes, I know...

Even though I've fallen, I'll rise again.
I admit that I've made mistakes.
A new day will soon begin, and I swear that I will win,
Yes, I'll do whatever it takes!
Staunchly, I'll ascend to the top again.
I won't let another go free.
I know this is not the end, I feel a new fire within:
A personal renaissance in me!

Every criminal earns his punishment!
So I've always done all I could.
What's the harm in filling in the blanks, to some extent,
if it's for the greater good?

Indeed. If the defendant is clearly guilty, then my methods--however extreme--should not be an issue at all: it's my civic duty. But... is that my true motivation? Or do I do it for myself as well? Either way, no matter how many cases I win... it won't change the past.

One lingering thought fills my mind, burdening me with anxiety:
"Have I, indeed, been so blinded with pretentious piety?
For if I cheat in the courts, can I say with a straight face
that I'm a better man than the sorts whom I prosecute every case?"

But no one should go through what I've been through... ever. Therefore, it's my role, my obligation, my responsibility to condemn.

Frankly, some may doubt cases I have won.
I will still live by my decree:
That I'll do what must be done, to capture the wicked ones,
For this is demanded of me.

I have gone above and beyond, at times
Justice requires the extra mile!
I sense Wright thinks I am blind. If I peered into his mind,
then I'D be the one who is on trial!

[spoken rhythmically]
Wright, you fool! Can't you understand, I'm not a monster, I'm just a man!
Despite my objections and my commands, that crime shall pay is my only demand!
And while you search for contradictions, thinking I just want convictions,
you can't comprehend just why I take my stand!

I fight for truth! I fight for justice,
So that all families can safely sleep at night.
To stop criminalization, I pursue incarceration. For security,
I'll fight you until your spirit breaks!
I'll fight, no matter what is at stake!
Not fame! Not glory! But this courtroom purgatory
is the reason I fight...

And we'll meet again, Phoenix Wright!

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