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Arri, Plankton614


Arri, Plankton614

The Secret of Global Studios takes place in Dee Vasquez's studio trailer. Phoenix and Maya confront Vasquez with the picture they received from Oldbag, but they soon discover that Vasquez has no intention of coming quietly.


Dee Vasquez, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey


VASQUEZ: [spoken]
So you came. What was it you were saying, now?


PHOENIX: [sung]
Five years ago, this accident occurred,
But no one on the outside ever heard a word.
You hung it over Hammer’s head, you made him do whatever you said
That’s why he was doing kids’ shows instead


VASQUEZ: So now I'm a blackmailer - is that it? 


MAYA: You know it’s the truth; you might as well admit it.
A simple accident, nothing more,
But you pulled him down! You made him poor!


VASQUEZ: You foolish girl! I did nothing of the kind.
It was not I who put Hammer in that bind.
It was his own fault –


MAYA: But you were the cause!
Just an accident… that’s all it was…


VASQUEZ: [spoken]
Excuse me! What is this? You keep saying “accident,” “accident”… But how do you know for certain?


PHOENIX: But… what else…?


VASQUEZ: Must I spell it out?! Think! If it wasn’t an accident, then it would be…


PHOENIX: …No way… You mean, it was on purpose?!


MAYA: But… you have no proof!


VASQUEZ: [sung]
Just think for a moment; if it weren’t his fault
Would he have let me bring his career to a halt?


MAYA: But it wasn’t his fault! 
That’s what Ms. Oldbag said…



As if she would ever speak ill of the dead!
She was Hammer’s biggest fan; it was a sight to behold
When she wrestled the reporter for the photograph you hold
Of course, the negatives were all he’d need
He still could have told the world of Hammer’s misdeed.

Yet five years ago, when murder occurred
No one on the outside ever heard a word
The secret of Global Studios is safe, thanks to me.
You have the only copy – now, give it to me!


MAYA: What are you saying?


PHOENIX: This is vital evidence!


PHOENIX/MAYA: This is all we have to support our defense!


VASQUEZ: [spoken] Boys! 


PHOENIX: Um... who are they? 


VASQUEZ: Professionals. Their specialty is…erasing things. How does that sound? Would you like to be erased?


MAYA: E-erased!?


VASQUEZ: [sung]
The trial ends tomorrow; it’s Powers’ last stand
A shame you’ll have to miss it, but it’s out of your hands!


PHOENIX: Just answer me one question; tell me why you care!
This photo was your blackmail, but Hammer’s out of your hair!
You already succeeded; you made a star fall.
Why should you care about this photo at all?


VASQUEZ: [spoken]
I think you’ll have plenty of time to think about that where you’re going. 

So long, friends. 
This is the end.
There’s nothing else to say.

So boys...

Erase away...!

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