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Its Gotta Be The Butz! is Larry Butz's comical testimony song. While humorous in delivery, the actual content of the song is vital to the plot, eventually leading Phoenix to what really happened on the night of the murder. Since Larry is so unpredictable, and had no time to be prepped or manipulated by von Karma, his testimony is unaltered. However, Larry's excitable personality is an obstacle in itself, wearing on the patience of everyone in the courtroom.


Larry Butz, Phoenix Wright, The Judge, Manfred von Karma,

Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, Crowd


JUDGE: [spoken]
Witness, please state your name and occupation.


LARRY: Larry Butz! Uh... ladies' man.


VON KARMA: This is a colossal waste of time.


JUDGE: Mr. Butz, please begin your testimony.


LARRY: You got it, pops!

Well, I was hangin' out with my girlfriend Ruth,
in my mansion with the golden picket fence...


JUDGE: Sir, must I remind you now to please tell the truth?
Because perjury's a criminal offense...


LARRY: [spoken] Whew! Sorry, let me try that again...


JUDGE: Alright. 


LARRY: [sung]
See, I was all alone, 'cause I'd just been DUMPED,
and I know that isn't easy to believe!
I hit the lake so I could look for some junk,
which had ALSO left me on that Christmas Eve!

But as I brought that boat back into the shop, 
I heard a gun fire with a noisy pop!
And I know you don't think my opinion counts for a whole lot, 
but let me guarantee you that I heard that shot!

That's how it all happened, I recall it clear as day,
so believe it--even if you think I'm nuts!


PHOENIX: [spoken]
His testimony's vague...


MAYA: And you know just what they say: "When something smells..."


PHOENIX: "...it's usually the Butz."


VON KARMA: This witness is contributing nothing. I suggest he be dismissed, and ideally, drawn and quartered.


PHOENIX: Hold it! Larry, there is one thing that sounds out of place in your testimony...


LARRY: And what's that, Nick?


PHOENIX: Well, you say you heard A gunshot. Yesterday, Ms. Lotta Hart testified, and I quote: "Ya'll listen real good now! I heard two dang gunshots that night!"


LARRY: ...You said "Ms" and not "Mrs", right...? 'Cause if she's available...


PHOENIX: La...Larry. Larry, Larry, Larry! Please... just.. stay focused and explain why you didn't hear the second gunshot.


LARRY: [sung]
Truth is that I was listenin' on my headphones,
because radio's the friend that's always there!
I like to jam out when I'm feeling alone,
so I may have missed a shot that filled the air.

But I remember that one 'bang' that I heard, 
the DJ was talking when it occurred...
so I know it wasn't something like a killer drumming riff, 
but let me guarantee you that I was scared stiff!

When the D.J. had talked, there was hardly any noise,
so I listened in awe of her really sexy voice.
It was pure, and demure, yet mature and so refined,
I can't get that lovely voice out of my mind!

That's how it all happened, I recall it plain as ink,
and to get up here, it took a lot of guts! HAH!

PHOENIX: This guy should see a shrink,

'cause his testimony stinks!
And when something smells, it's probably the Butz!


VON KARMA: I can't stand to listen to this lad. 
This young man has nothing new to add.


PHOENIX: Larry, there's just one thing I should know: 
when you listened on the radio,
in regards to the D.J., what exactly did she say on the show?
Do you know?


LARRY: [spoken]
I...I remember! She said, "Hey...it's almost Christmas!"


JUDGE: ...Well, Mr. Wright, anything to add?


PHOENIX: Er, um, I...


VON KARMA: As compelling as your argument is, I demand that the witness end this pointless charade! NOW!

JUDGE: Oh, very well. Mr. Larry Butz, you are now dismi--    


PHOENIX: OBJECTION! Your Honor, please! I just found out how this testimony changes everything!

If you recall, Ms. Lotta's camera went off
at twelve-fifteen, December twenty-fifth. (JUDGE: Yes, yes.)
And though the witness is incompetent and frankly quite a dope (LARRY: Hey!)
I know his shaky testimony's not a myth! (LARRY: Nick! Come on, buddy!)

And though we've all assumed the gun fired twice,
in fact, the murder weapon fired thrice!
One was fired Christmas Eve, the others, Christmas day,
and these three photos illustrate my repartee!

See? One from when the camera went off at 11:50 PM -- "almost Christmas" -- and two more at 12:15! The camera caught three snapshots for three gunshots, and Larry's testimony proves it!

JUDGE: Why, you're absolutely right! No objections, Mr. von Karma?




JUDGE: Very well, then. 


PHOENIX: The question is, what happened in this TWENTY-FIVE MINUTE GAP?!

JUDGE: Indeed...we shall look into this matter and finish the trial tomorrow. Mr. Butz, your final thoughts?



Wow, Nick, that's quite a trick! It shocked even me!
It's impressive how you managed to survive!
I think that you could even get Edgey free,
or at worst, just imprisonment for life!


Get that man off the stand, he's a sham and a disgrace!
What a crime, wasting time for a prosecuting ace!
Every word is absurd, it's unheard of and a sin,
for this fool to fill the court with such charging!

LARRY: That's how it all happened and that's all I gots to say!
I recall it just like it was yesterday! (PHOENIX: It was TUESDAY!)
And so I saved the day, even though I'm just a klutz...


ALL (except von Karma and Larry):  When something smells, its gotta be...


VON KARMA: That man needs a lobotomy.


ALL (except von Karma and Larry):  When something smells, its gotta be...


ALL (except von Karma): The Butz! 


LARRY: its gotta be the Buuuuuuutz!



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