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A Guy You Can Trust is Detective Gumshoe's main song, in which he agrees to team up with Phoenix and Maya to get their client, Edgeworth, declared innocent. Gumshoe offers three police investigative tools to choose from, which Maya receives with enthusiasm while Phoenix is less than thrilled.

This song was the first one composed for the musical and served as an unofficial launching point


Dick Gumshoe, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey


GUMSHOE: I consider myself to be a real man's man, see?
The kinda guy who won't back down from a fight
I keep this city clean, pal, and I live like a king
Though I eat instant noodles every night.
But despite my gruff exterior, I know I ain't superior
My skills at solving crimes can sometimes rust...
So I'm swallowing my pride, this time I'm on your side,
and I'm the kinda guy that you can trust!

GUMSHOE (PHOENIX): Well, I know we've butted heads before, 
Startin' with the case of Harry Butz (That's "Larry".)
And if the chief catches me helpin' you,
he'll probably think I'm nuts (If he doesn't already.)
But see, pal, this is different 
From the Redd White trial back in May (August.)
'Cause I'm sure Mr. Edgeworth is innocent, 
unlike the client you had that day!

MAYA: [spoken] Hey, that was me!

GUMSHOE: Oh, yeah. Sorry, pal.

So if you need help, just call me 
And I'll be there in a flash!
And to show you that we're pals now, 
I'll lend you anything that ain't cash!


MAYA: Oh thank you, kind detective! 
Von Karma will eat our dust!


GUMSHOE: We'll find the lies, 
Now I'm the kinda guy that you can trust!

I'm being serious with you, pal! If there's anything I can do to help get Mr. Edgeworth declared "Not Guilty," well, let's just say we're a team now, pal!


PHOENIX: Well, considering the past couple of cases where you happened to make things worse for our defendants, it'd probably be best if you didn't interf--


MAYA: [interrupting]
Nick! Detective Gumshoe is putting his job on the line for us; the least we can do is take advantage of his offer!


GUMSHOE: Yeah, pal! 


MAYA: Detective, any chance you could help us find Gourdy somehow?


GUMSHOE: Oh, you bet! I've got three secret weapons, listen up and take your pick.

First up, shake hands with our department's
Best evidence-seeking tool. (MAYA: Aw, cute!)
This pooch is so advanced it makes me 
Look like a bumbling fool! (PHOENIX: Imagine that.)
I found him in the gutter, on a sad, cold winter's night
He's my pal, though he gives the hand 
That feeds him quite a bite. (MAYA: Wait, he bites?)

You can call him Missile, he'll find 
Any drugs or clues you need.

PHOENIX: Well, he should come in handy 
If the Gourd Lake Monster's been smoking weed.


GUMSHOE: Hey, pal! No need for sarcasm, 
Missile's helped with many a bust.
And if you feed him, then he's 
The kinda guy that you can trust!

The second here's this fishing pole and my
fondest memory
of a fishing trip I got to take
with Maggey, a cute trainee!


PHOENIX: [spoken]
Hold it!

We can't catch Gourdy with that!
And we can't sit around and just wait! (MAYA: Why not?)

GUMSHOE: [spoken]
Well, pal...

You'll only know if you try!
You just need the right kind of bait!


PHOENIX: [spoken]



Don't make me put you under arrest, pal!/You're the worst..


PHOENIX: Sorry, sorry! 


GUMSHOE: [sung]
I've saved the best for last, pal, 
This metal detector's real intense!
Last month this baby even found me 
Twenty-five whole cents!


PHOENIX: [spoken]
Wait, wait...

We're looking for a monster,
Not change from someone's pants 


GUMSHOE: Well, you never know, pal,
It may have been eating soda cans! (PHOENIX: Of course!)
So that's what I can lend you,
My loyal lawyer chums! 


MAYA: Oh wow, they're all so perfect! 


PHOENIX: [spoken]
Um, yeah, I can't pick just one... ugh.


GUMSHOE: [sung]
Now go help Mr. Edgeworth! 
To free him is a must!
And I'm the kinda guy you can trust.

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