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Justice for All is the song that Mia sings to Phoenix to bolster his courage during his first trial. This song serves as a sort of overall theme in the musical and is reprised multiple times, by several different characters, throughout the musical.

Reprised by: I'll Be There, Decree of the Prosecutor, Justice for All (Reprise), and Dawn of a New Trial.


Mia Fey


MIA FEY: [spoken]
Don't waste time doubting the facts... or yourself...


There are times when you'll feel lonely and defeated,
and throughout some trials you'll only be mistreated.
Yes, we both share that rapport, but in the midst of courtroom war,
I remember the ideals I'm fighting for.

I fight for truth. I fight for justice.
I fight for everyone to have a fair chance,
and when faced with tribulation, I think of my own inspiration.
He taught me to always hold my stance.
I fight for men. I fight for women.
I fight for anyone who aims to do what's right--
so I chose this occupation, a dedication to salvation.
For society, I fight.

There are people in this world who'll try to break you.
They frame others for their vices just to shake you.
Planting evidence and lies so their crime will be disguised,
they all mask the truth and that's when we arise.

Some attorneys are dishonest, they'll do anything to win,
and that's when the true challenges begin.
Just believe in your client and the truth will be explored,
and don't forget just what you're fighting for!

We fight for peace. We fight for order.
We fight with evidence, intelligence, and trust.
And we entered this vocation to prevent misinformation,
to aim for a verdict, fair and just.
We fight for all. We fight with honor.
So stand wholeheartedly, and keep your goals in sight--
and in times of desperation, defend with raw determination.
For you and I...we fight.

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