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Lotta Things is Lotta Hart's testimony song. It's a perfect example of von Karma's dishonest methods, Lotta having been prepped and convinced into thinking she saw something which she did not. Phoenix attempts to poke holes in Lotta's testimony, only to be blocked by von Karma at every turn. Finally, Maya speaks out, even as she is dragged away in contempt of court. It is ultimately the commotion caused by Maya's outburst which tricks Lotta into saying the wrong thing. Phoenix seizes the opportunity and uses Lotta's slip-up to find the crucial contradiction.

Reprises: I’ll Be There


Lotta Hart, Phoenix Wright, Manfred von Karma,

Maya Fey, The Judge, Miles Edgeworth


LOTTA: [spoken]
Y'all need to loosen up. Yer so tense an' serious - this ain't a funeral! 


PHOENIX: It's close enough, isn't it? It's a murder trial-- 


LOTTA: Y'all need to learn some manners too! T'ain't polite to talk like that to a young lady!


VON KARMA: I repeat: don't say ANYTHING trivial or unrelated to this case. UNDERSTAND?


LOTTA: Y-yeah, yeah, I understand!

Y'all listen up now, and listen good,
As what I'm 'bout to say is true;
'Cause what I saw was what happened,
and this is what that killer did do!

I was campin’ by the lake in my car that Christmas Eve,
I reckon was past midnight when I heard,
A big bang! Pow! And I looked around,
Only to see the absurd!

Two gents in a boat, the only thing out on the lake,
Not a nary thing around I could see,
There was another bang, and not a dang thang,
Coulda done what I saw there be


JUDGE: [spoken]
Witness! You're sayng you say the murder take place?


LOTTA: Sure did. Ya'll listen real good, now - I heard two dang gunshots that night.
When I heard the first one, I looked out at that boat. Then there was another flash, and someone fell into the water.


The witness is clearly lying
It couldn't have been that way, y'all
For you see, it was not Christmas Eve
It was Christmas Day! HA!


VON KARMA: Objection!
Unrelated to the case!
No matter what mistakes she makes,
We know when the crime took place

PHOENIX: [spoken] 

Ms. Hart, please tell me, why were you at the lake?


LOTTA: I'm takin' photos for a class at Country U! 


PHOENIX: What kind of class? Could you be more specific?
What exactly is it that you do? 


VON KARMA: Objection!
What a waste of my time!
In the future, restrict your questions
To the events of the actual crime 

PHOENIX: [spoken]
Okay... Let's see...

When you looked at the lake, could you clearly see the men? 


LOTTA: Ain't the photo proof enough for you? 

PHOENIX: [spoken]
No, it isn't; I'm asking if YOU saw them!     


VON KARMA: [sung]
Objection! This tells us nothing new!     


PHOENIX: Were you looking at the lake
When you heard the second shot?     


LOTTA: [spoken]
Well, sure, I guess I was...     


PHOENIX: [sung]
Were you, or were you not?!     


VON KARMA: [spoken]
I think we've heard all we need to hear.
It seems you are unable to find a contradiction after all.  


JUDGE: Yes... I am ready to hand down a verdict. Mr. Wright, I will have to penalize any further outbursts by holding you in contempt of court.


PHOENIX: No...!    


MAYA: Nick...     


JUDGE: This court hereby finds the defendant--     




JUDGE: W-who was that?     


MAYA: It... was me.     


PHOENIX: Maya, what're you--     


MAYA: [sung]
Lotta, your testimony's real strange,
Is it possible to see anyone at that range?
You're being unclear about what you saw,
How do you account for this flaw?
Did you even see Edgeworth at all?!

VON KARMA: [spoken]
Enough of this nonsense! Judge...declare the defense in contempt of court! Now!

LOTTA: [spoken]
Hey, what's the big idea, treating me like some kind of criminal?!
I saw him! I swear it! I saw Edgeworth!

JUDGE: Very well. You have been warned... Bailiff, please remove Mr. Wright from the courtroom. 


MAYA: No, wait! Please, it was me who spoke out! Nick didn't do anything! 


PHOENIX: Maya, don't--!     


MAYA: [sung]
So here I am until the end
Don't despair, the truth's in sight!
Don't worry about me, you need to defend
Remember why you fight!    


PHOENIX: [spoken]

In darkest times, you show no fear
You stood up to lend me your light
Okay, you win, back in the fray!    


EDGEWORTH: Why jump into my bullet's way?     



For no one fights quite like a Fey...     


PHOENIX: And the truth must be in...

Wait a minute... truth... in sight... Sight! Of course!
Your Honor, please...
Did you hear what Ms. Hart just said?
She said she clearly saw Mr. Edgeworth!
This wasn’t in her testimony before!
This means she has a new testimony, and I have a right to cross-examine her again!

VON KARMA: [sung]
It's too late for baseless claims!
The girl's already paid the price
Say one more word, you'll get the same

Judge! Continue with your verdict!    


JUDGE: ...I'm sorry, but I cannot.     


VON KARMA: What?!     


JUDGE: Mr. Wright is correct. The defense may cross-examine the witness once more. 


VON KARMA: ...Pah!
Listen well, Mr. Wright!
I will not tolerate badgering of my witness!    


JUDGE: Ms. Hart! Could you please repeat your testimony?


LOTTA: [sung]
The man on the boat was Edgeworth
The photo is my proof
I saw him, clear as day!
And I swear I'm tellin' the truth    


VON KARMA: [spoken]
You claimed there was a contradiction, so find it.



PHOENIX: [sung]
That's all?
That's it?
There's nothing I can see...
Hold on!
That's it!
It's right in front of me!

LOTTA: [sung]
I saw what I saw
And I heard what I heard
I may say a lotta things
But I mean every word

PHOENIX: [spoken]
Got you, Ms. Hart!

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