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Make It Right takes place in two different locations, one in the past and the other in the present. It begins with a flashback of Mia on the phone with her younger sister Maya. The song then leads into the present, where Maya is being held in the Detention Center for the murder of Mia. As Maya frets over the situation, Phoenix promises to defend her in court, despite his lack of experience.

Reprised by: Decree of the Prosecutor & Dawn of a New Trial


Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Mia Fey


MAYA FEY: [spoken] You had that same dream again?

MIA FEY: It's nothing--its just the stress is getting to me. But it's made me think. If something were to happen--


MAYA: So how was your day?    


MIA: Maya. Listen to me. If something WERE to happen-


MAYA: How did you junior partner do today?    


MIA: Phoenix Wright? Hm.
Today was his first day in court
What an awesome trial, though it was rather short    


MAYA: [spoken]
Heh, did he crash and burn?     


MIA: [sung]
He is one true genius; it was so intense    


MAYA: [spoken]


MIA: [sung]
The one thing he is lacking is experience 
Maya, I want you to hear this. There might be a time when you need help and I can't be there.


MAYA: So just let me guess:
I should call Phoenix Wri-    


MIA: [spoken]
NO! Call Grossberg. Marvin Grossberg.


MAYA: Grossberg?! But Sis, you were just singing this newbie's praises! Literally. Singing.


MIA: [sung]
He'll strike fear in the hearts of evil, 
Cause he is just that type
But you should give him three more years
Then he will make it right    


MAYA: [spoken]
And that's what she said...     


PHOENIX WRIGHT:  Three years, huh?     


MAYA: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to trouble you!     


PHOENIX: No, it's true, I guess. But I can't just sit and watch. When I stop to think that the one who did this to Mia is still out there...!

PHOENIX:  [sung]
What can you say when they point at you?
And you don't know what to do
She can't be with you now
I'll help, just tell me how

I know you don't quite trust me yet
And I know this may sound trite
But I have to do something
Something to make it right

MAYA: [sung]
I never thought it would ever come to this
In times of trouble, I could always count on Sis
She'd always be there for me, coming to my aide
But Mia's gone, and I--I am afraid

I am feeling so alone
My future is not bright
I need someone to help me
Someone to make it right

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