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Our opening number for the musical: "August Day"

Rough storyboards for "Reawakening", taking place at the end of the first case

The Demo Reel, featuring snippets of several songs

Our fandub of Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton. English titles and effects by us!



Animazement Skit Part 1/2

Animazement Skit Part 2/2


Animazement Q&A Part 1/3

Animazement Q&A Part 2/3

Animazement Q&A Part 3/3

Magfest Intro and Skit


"It's Gotta Be The Insanity": A parody of Larry Butz' number "It's Gotta Be The Butz!"

"August Day" parody, featuring the tragic hit song "Friday" by Rebecca Black


Behind The Scenes

Doing Maxy's hair before our panel

Pre-panel shenanigans

The dangers of giving Pleady energy drinks

What business retreats look like for the PW Musical Productions Team

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