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600,000 Volts (Out of My Way) takes place in the Records Room of the Criminal Affairs Department. While searching for clues from the DL-6 case, Phoenix and Maya are confronted by Prosecutor von Karma. Though Phoenix and Maya hold their ground bravely, von Karma soon uses a taser to shock them both into unconsciousness before leaving with Phoenix's vital evidence. 


Manfred von Karma, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey


MAYA: [spoken]
What’s wrong, Nick?    


PHOENIX: Nothing. I just thought that he would be here. von Karma…


MAYA: Huh? One of the drawers is open.    


PHOENIX: Someone must have been looking in it recently.          

MAYA: The label says, “Unsolved Cases: Evidence.” …Nick! The file for DL-6… it’s completely empty!


PHOENIX: Wh-what?!    


VON KARMA: What are you doing in here?    


MAYA: Eeek! V-von Karma!    


VON KARMA: You! …How do you know my name? Have we met?


MAYA: W-w-what are you saying!? We see each other every day, don’t we? We’re Miles Edgeworth’s defense team!


VON KARMA: Defense team…? Ahem. I beg your pardon—you see, I rarely remember defense attorneys. They are like bugs to me. 
Needless things, to be crushed. Mwahahahahaha…!


PHOENIX: Mr. von Karma, have a look at this. This was you, wasn’t it? You instructed Yanni Yogi to commit murder.

VON KARMA: … Yanni Yogi…

How many years has it been since I’ve heard that name?
Now it appears, Mr. Wright, you’ve grown wise to my game.


MAYA: So you admit it!
You wrote this letter!    


VON KARMA: He's such a fool...     


MAYA: You wrote this letter!     



Yes, my dear defense attorney. It was I who wrote that letter. I must thank you for taking the trouble to bring it to me. 
You’ve saved me from a lot of needless hassle.


MAYA: N-Nick! What is that thing!?    


PHOENIX: A stun gun. For self-defense… usually.    


VON KARMA: [sung]
Oh, and how arduous I thought this process would be
And yet you stand here, so render that letter to me
This trial is ending;
Now your life’s depending
On lending that parchment, you see.


Don’t get any closer!
No, von Karma, no, sir,
We won’t let you stand in our way!
We both know Miles Edgeworth is innocent;
This meeting won’t lead us astray.


VON KARMA: These last fifteen long years…
For vengeance I’ve waited:
Hoped, anticipated—
The payback I seek!

His father—that bastard!—
He scarred my perfection
So, without reflection,
I punish the weak!

Pitiful Edgeworth! For fifteen years—just like me—he, too, has been haunted by ghosts of the past. 
For fifteen years he has trembled behind the veneer of amateurism, a second-rate romanticist—just like his father. 
For fifteen years, I have been biding my time to fully exact my revenge on the one man who ruined my perfect trial record. 
And tomorrow, my dreams will be realized: Miles Edgeworth will experience my wrath—feel all of the rage that’s been building… tenfold!



Phoenix, our tricks
Won’t prove useful now…
Still, I will try
To help out somehow.
Mia, save us with your light!
…Guess all I can do is fight!


Now six-hundred-thousand volts 
Will course straight through your veins!
People don’t usually die, 
Though you might feel some pain…
You ought to know better,
So hand me that letter,
Lest you watch your girlfriend be slain! 


That’s it!
I won’t be your victim.
Think you will convict him?
You won’t, for the truth will emerge!
The verdict will not come by happenstance  
And you, from the courtroom, I’ll purge!
Mia, let me do what’s right!
Now’s the time—the time to fight!

VON KARMA: [spoken]
Now, give me that letter.




VON KARMA: Whoa! What are you--!? Idiot girl!


MAYA: Nick! Run! 


 [VON KARMA shocks MAYA.]


MAYA: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


PHOENIX: Maya! ...MAYA! 


VON KARMA: Now… Where were we?

If you’ll excuse me
I’ll leave with this missive
I won’t abuse thee
‘Long as you’re submissive

Like Yogi and Hammond—
Each one was a pawn—
Now I’ll take that letter
And, with that, I’m gone!

PHOENIX: [spoken] 
I... can’t let you do that, von Karma!


VON KARMA: Enough! Foolish fool! You won’t deter me any longer! OUT OF MY WAY!



PHOENIX: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 


VON KARMA: See you in court, Mr. Wright. 

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