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TriforceBun, Actorman, PleadingEyes


TriforceBun, Actorman



Reawakening starts off light-hearted and determined as a triumphant Phoenix revels in his first victory. However, the mood soon turns melancholy as he returns to the office to find his mentor dead. This is also the first appearance of Maya Fey, who is arrested on the spot by Detective Gumshoe, leaving a baffled and grieving Phoenix behind.

Reprised by: Redd White & You


Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Dick Gumshoe


It's over... I did it... I did it!

I won it, I still can't believe it. 
In this field, it's tough to excel.
But if I have faith, I'll achieve it,
I I just trust my clientele.

"Challenge everything contradictory." 
I realize what knowledge is worth;
I know now the sweet taste of victory--
I know this trial is my rebirth!

Here I am, the court and trial behind me.
Here I stand, ready to face a new day!
And with each passing hour, I'm alive, I'm empowered--
I feel nothing can stand in my way.

Here I go! Ready to tackle the next case.
And who knows if this is all just a dream?
But if so, let me sleep, or I'll start counting sheep
To prevent a rude awakening.
Here I am.

When my fears were verified, I felt frankly terrified
That this role was not to be...
But Chief helped me to rebound,
And I turned the case around,
I owe her this victory.

Mia Fey's the one who helped me through this battle.
This victory is shared between us, it's true...
And as long as she's there, she'll assuage my despair,
And help me through.

Me and Chief, a team about to turn over
A new leaf, and we will gladly stand tall.
And with her by my side as my permanent guide,
I feel pride and I know I won't fall.
Now maybe I'm a lawyer after all!

Here I am, Chief! Ready to go?
...Huh. She didn't already go home for dinner... did she? 


MAYA FEY: Wake up...


PHOENIX: Who's there!?
...What happened...?


MAYA: She's dying! Help her!


PHOENIX: I don't... I don't know what to do--


DICK GUMSHOE: WHOOOOA! Everyone freeze! You're both suspects of murder!


PHOENIX: Who are you?


GUMSHOE: I'm Detective Dick Gumshoe, see? Investigating a homicide in this office, thanks to a handy tip from a woman at the Gatewater, see? Don't neither of you move an inch!

Whoa. "Maya," huh? This name mean somethin' to any of you?    

MAYA: It... it's my...


GUMSHOE: Huh? Speak up!


MAYA: It's my name, sir!


GUMSHOE: WHAAAAAT...? Ah hah, it's all comin' together now: the victim drew your name with her blood in her dying hour to tell everyone who the culprit was! Case closed, you're comin' with me.


MAYA: What? No! I'm not the killer! H...help me!


PHOENIX: [sung]
Where am I?
Please wake me up from this nightmare...
Here I lie, no one to answer my call.
I'm asleep...
It's not true...
Chief I'm lost without you...
How can you call this justice for all!?

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