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Actorman, Plankton614



Redd White & You takes place in Redd White's office, where Phoenix has come to confront Redd regarding Mia's murder. At first Redd plays dumb and is suspiciously friendly towards Phoenix. Once Phoenix accuses Redd of the actual murder, however, Redd changes his tune and uses his ill-begotten power to have Phoenix wrongfully arrested.

Reprises: Reawakening


Redd White, Phoenix Wright, Belinda DuBois, Lana Skye


REDD WHITE: [spoken]
Just let me guess. You're a lawyer fresh out of law school. Am I right? 


PHOENIX WRIGHT: Uh, well, ah... yes. How did you know?


REDD: Well, that's the only explanation as to why you'd say something like... that. Let me explain something to you kid. Redd White calls the shots. What Redd says goes. There ain't no right way except the White way.


PHOENIX: Well... I was hoping to ask you some questions about the "White" way.


REDD: SPLENDIFEROUS! What do you want to know?


PHOENIX: Pretty ironic that the "white" way has a lot to do with "blackmail".


REDD: What? Hahaha. Oh, you are a delight. Do you know who you're talking to? I'm Redd White; CEO of bluecorp. I don't think you comprestand.

Redd White makes the rules
Redd White throws the dice
Redd White's got the personage
That makes everyone look twice

Redd White draws the lines
Redd White deals the cards
People stop me everywhere
To betrust me their regards


But Redd's a decent man
With old-fashioned ideals
Redd will answer one questions
'cause that's just how nice he feels


PHOENIX: [spoken]
Well... okay Mr. White, fine. If Bluecorp isn't for blackmail, what does it do exactly?


REDD: Aha ha ha. Ah, Bluecorp. My labor of love. My pride and prejudice.

Bluecorp deals in information
We buy and sell it too
You may not know but Bluecorp
Is named for the color blue

Thought it up myself...

Redd White gets the best
Redd White follows through
Ask not what you can do for Redd
But what Redd can do for you!

And what can Redd White do for you, monseñor? I'll count that last question as a practice. And now here's your only chance... make it worthwhile.


PHOENIX: Okay Mr. White, fine. There's one last thing I wanted to know. Who'd you take that statue from?


REDD: Take? How dare you accusify me of something like that? This is a Paris original, straight from Canada! Speaking of, I bet you've never been to Canada. It's not far, in fact, just North of here. Go straight and you can't miss it. I especially love that mountain with the Presidents? Oh and that big tower that leans to the side! Ah, nostalgification... Now what could make you think such a--


PHOENIX: And who did you take it from? Senator Patrick McArthur perhaps?


REDD: I'm not familiar with the title of his personage...


PHOENIX: A politician who killed himself.


REDD: [sung]
I think I know his name...


PHOENIX: [spoken]
He was caught embezzling government funds.


REDD: [sung]
That really is a shame...


PHOENIX:  [spoken]
And then one day, the press got wind of it.


REDD: [sung]
Are you quite finished now?


PHOENIX: [spoken]
And the day after, he killed himself!


REDD: [sung]
And this concerns me HOW?


PHOENIX: Mia Fey knew all about your operation
Your blackmailing has caused countless to die
Bluecorp's blackmailing thrives
While you take hundreds of lives
But it stops right here
No more will you paralyze with fear...!


REDD: [spoken]
You have some pretty magnificitacious claims there Mr... Wrong, was it? But how does this all connect with me? Come now, make me laugh, indulge me! It's quite alright to exasperize my prodigical and cosmopolitan sense of humor.


PHOENIX: Mia Fey found the connection. On this file is a list of suicides, all of them marked with the name "White".


REDD: Ah ha ha ha ha! Mr. Wrong! Why are you spending all this time investigating me? Shouldn't you be looking for the murderer of your dear Ms Fey?


PHOENIX:  And just what do you think I'm doing, Mr. White?


REDD: [sung]
You must've talked to Grodyberg
I guess he had to speak
As him why I have his painting
I'll tell you why--he's weak!


PHOENIX: [spoken]
It's "Grossberg"... 


REDD: [sung]
Only the strong survive, kid
And Redd White's the alpha male
Redd White's the king of the jungle
That Grossface? He's a whale!

So don't you come here trying
To kick me off my throne
Let he who is with sin--and loves it!
Cast the final stone
Connect me to the Chief Prosecutor's office, please, and then please call security. I've a raving madman on my hands.


BELINDA: Yes, Mr. White. 


LANA SKYE: White? What do you want? This isn't a great time...     

REDD: I've decided I want to attestify in tomorrow's trial. It seems the culprit was right here all along


LANA: I thought you said you didn't want anything to do with--    

REDD: QUIETUDE! I said I changed my mind, now didn't I? And I don't believe you're in any position to question me. 


PHOENIX: You didn't! 


REDD: Yeah, Mr. Lawyer? What are you going to do? You don't understand, kid. I control the police! I control the prosecution! I control... the judge. I AM the law. He who has the money has the control, Mr. Wrong. You're nothing but a mere lawyer. Heh, that's all Mia Fey was too.
Redd White breaks the rules
Redd White loads the dice
Redd White has the POWER
So take Redd White's advice

Redd White stacks the deck
Redd White is always ahead
Ask not what Redd can do for you
But what you can do for Redd!

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