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Tomorrow, At Last is the musical's big ensemble number building up to the final climax. While Phoenix and Maya pick up the pieces for their last day of trial, von Karma has already prepared the final stage in his revenge of fifteen years. Meanwhile Edgeworth, alone in the Detention Center, mournfully reflects over the possibility of his own guilt and comes to a resolute decision. The entire cast gathers, one question hanging in the air; Wright or von Karma, who will win?

Reprises: August Day


Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Mia Fey, Maya Fey,

Manfred von Karma, Dick Gumshoe, Larry Butz, Lotta Hart,

Police (Maggey Byrde, Lana Skye, Dustin Prince, Mike Meekins), Crowd


EDGEWORTH: Tomorrow’s trial
My sentence is decided
I’ve run out of time
Let the verdict not be misguided
I’ll answer for my crime
Tomorrow's trial 


PHOENIX: Tomorrow, at last, 
This comes to an end
Tomorrow, I swear, 
I’ll defend my friend 


EDGEWORTH: Tomorrow, at last, 
This will be resolved
I beg of you, Wright
Don’t get involved

This is my penance
This is what I deserve


PHOENIX: I will not rest until
I see justice served 



Tomorrow, at last
At last


EDGEWORTH: The crimes of my past
Cannot be erased 
It’s time that I faced 
The blood on my hands


PHOENIX: I have one last chance
To turn this around
I won’t let you down
There’s no room for doubt


PHOENIX/EDGEWORTH: The truth will come out
I know what I must do
Tomorrow I’ll see this through


PHOENIX: [to Maya]
Get some sleep
Try to rest
Tomorrow, I’ll need you
To be at your best

MIA:  Don’t give up
Don’t give in
You’re stronger now
Than you’ve ever been


MAYA: Nick, please forgive me
I’m a failure, I know it 
I let him take the letter
It’s all over, I’ve blown it 
I can’t channel Mia, 
There’s nothing I can do 
I’m so useless…  

MIA: You're not useless...

MAYA: I give up
I give in
Mia, without you 
How can we win?


PHOENIX: Only one day left to go
We’re almost out of time
I won’t submit, he didn’t commit
Either of these crimes
I’ll stay up all night reading files
But I know what I’m going to say
I’ll fight till the truth comes to light 
On this final day

MAYA: But Mia's not gone
I know she lives on 


MAYA/PHOENIX: Inside you and me
That's all that we need 

Tomorrow, at last, 
Justice will prevail
Together we’re strong
And I know we won’t fail


EDGEWORTH: I feel it at my door
The truth I've so long denied
I fear the nightmare's here
Time to let it inside



Tomorrow, at last
At last


CROWD: The biggest trial we've seen in years
And everything's reversed
For who's in the defendant's chair
But the man defendants curse?

Rookie versus veteran
A demon being tried
And the only man who's beaten him
Is standing at his side

DUSTIN/MAGGEY/MEEKINS: We've helped the prosecution 
Convict a prosecutor


CROWD: Was Mr. Edgeworth just a witness,
Or was he the shooter?


EDGEWORTH: Today is judgment day,
The verdict must be just


Don't worry, Mr. Wright's
The kind of guy you can trust 

LARRY/LOTTA: We've given you the facts 


LOTTA: We've done all we can do 


LARRY: We've all got your back, Nick 



Now it's all up to you!

MAYA/EDGEWORTH: The final day




CROWD: Today it will be finished



The final courtroom brawl



The defendant's destination
Through tears and desperation


  Will there be justice for all?


Justice for all...

CROWD: It's the third day,

The end of this fight

Who will win,

Von Karma or Wright?


VON KARMA: It’s taken fifteen years
But it was worth the wait


EDGEWORTH: I know I must stand alone
To face my fate


MAYA: Together, we’ll face this
To reveal the unknown


PHOENIX: It’s far from over 
And you’re far from alone

PHOENIX/MAYA: We’ll never stop fighting
There’s no room for doubt 


One way or another, today
The truth will come out


ALL: Today...


PHOENIX/VON KARMA: Today's the day! 


ALL: At last... 


EDGEWORTH: I'll face my past! 


MAYA: At last…

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