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Arri, ff3girl

Trial by Fire is Phoenix's account, told via flashback, of an event from fourth grade when he was falsely accused of theft. The resulting class trial, and the unexpected conclusion, is the reason Phoenix decided to become a defense attorney in the first place. 


Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Larry Butz,

Maya Fey, Teacher, Jury of Kids


[KIDS chattering. There is the sound of a jack-in-the-box, among other toys. YOUNG PHOENIX walks in.] 


Hi everyone! 


[KIDS fall silent.]


YOUNG PHOENIX: Is something wrong...? 


KID 1: It was him! 




KID 2: He stole the money! 


KIDS 3 and 4: Yeah! 


YOUNG PHOENIX: What money? 


KIDS 1, 2, 3, and 4:



KID 3: You thief! 


JURY OF KIDS: [sung]
Guilty! He did it!
Guilty! It was you!
Guilty! Admit it!


LITTLE GIRL: [spoken]
Did you rob a bank, too?


YOUNG PHOENIX: Wh-what? I didn’t--


JURY OF KIDS: [sung]
Guilty! He’s lying!
Your Honor, he’s trying
To pin the blame on some other youth. (That meanie!)
We won’t be fooled!
We’ll wait 'till you rule
And force Phoenix Wright to tell the truth! (Eenie meenie miney mo, jail’s the place where liars go)


PHOENIX: [sung]
I didn’t know what was going on
All I felt was alone and withdrawn
I remember I could not stop crying…
I couldn't stand that they thought I was lying


MAYA: [spoken]
…Wow, Nick. I had no idea you were such an emo kid.


PHOENIX: Well, even the teacher wouldn't believe me. Maya, you know what it feels like to have no one on your side.


TEACHER: Phoenix Wright... you have lost our trust and respect. You let us down. Stealing a classmate's money? You owe myself, and every person in here an apology.


PHOENIX: [sung]
Their disbelieving eyes all said I had done it
With none at my defense, I decided to submit
I turned to that boy and tried to admit
What I had not done…

I-I'm... so--


PHOENIX: [sung]
--That’s when it happened.


OBJECTION! This so-called trial is a disgrace!


TEACHER: Miles, what on Earth?


Ha! You amateurs! Your accusations make no sense!
Could my own classmates really be this dense?
Your Honor, if I may, in Wright's defense…

[Spoken, to PHOENIX] 
Did you steal my money?


YOUNG PHOENIX: N-no… No, I didn’t!


All that matters in this court is decisive evidence!

Anything else does not belong.

To know stealing's wrong, you need not be wise
But when we blame him without proof, justice dies
If my point still needs yet one more reprise

Just look at yourselves!

You'll see the ones who need apologize

TEACHER: [spoken]
But Miles! It was your money!


JURY OF KIDS: [sung]
Yeah! He did it! He’s the one!
We don’t need proof!
Crimes can’t be undone!
Make him tell the-- (Ashes, ashes, we all fall down)


[The jack-in-the-box pops.]


YOUNG LARRY: [spoken]
Shut up! Just listen to yourselves, calling for Nick's head. Did you ever stop to think how he feels? If he says he didn't do it, then he didn't do it. End of story--case closed.


TEACHER: ...Very well, I suppose I'll replace the money myself. This class trial is over.


PHOENIX: [sung]
…That's how it happened.

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