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PleadingEyes, Arri





The Way Things Were (Reprise) is noticeably different from the song it's reprising, as it focuses on introspection rather than exposition. Here Phoenix and Maya learn the truth about Global Studios, and how Oldbag really feels.

Reprises: The Way Things Were


Wendy Oldbag


OLDBAG: They say the world moves by so fast
And once I was the fastest
But lately my joints, they creak and ache
And meanwhile the past is

Fading ever further
Out of sight and out of mind
I just can’t seem to catch my breath
I’m getting left behind

Dear ol’ Hammer, my fading star
I never held a single doubt
To me he shined as bright as ever
But now his star’s gone out

And that wretched, wicked woman
Over a five year old accident
Yes, she rescued the studio
But she brought on Hammer’s decent

She stole away his stardom
She stole away his soul
She stole away his freedom
everything, she stole

This accursed, precious picture
Is all that I have left to show
The very thing that gave that witch her power
It’s time to let it go…

And the sun will rise
And the moon will set
The world goes on in a blur!
While this old bag, slowly forgotten
Though she fights with all she’s got, she knows…
Things will never…no never again…
Things will never be the way they were…!

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